• Date

    Sunday 5th of May 2019

  • Location

    Muzentuin, Tilburg

  • Entrance

    ID card and student ID mandatory
    Doors close at 16:00

  • Facilities

    Lockers and a place to eat are available at the festival terrain

Tjalle van der Sluis is a familiar face in the nightlife of Tilburg! He has a lot of experience as a regular DJ of T.S.V. plato, so he knows how to work a crowd! He has played on almost every party in Tilburg. Tjalle is known for his danceable urban music, but will also play some guilty pleasures and house tracks from time to time!

DJ Stuko is a well known DJ in the student scene of Tilburg, so he canít be missed on our festival organized by and for students! He will be playing for the third year in a row on our festival. Like always, his set will be fire!

With 100 shows all around the globe, Praia Del Sol knows how to work every crowd. Whether it is on the main stage of Latin Village, or a secret area at Solar, with his set full of tropical and upbeat dance songs Praia Del Sol knows how to throw a party. It is a great mix of Hits, Disco, Hous, R&B and many rays of sunshine.

Newcomer to the Dutch housefront is the Amsterdam Thom Bold. He was very successful with his remix of MJ's 'Rock With You' and even scored a modest club hit. Big acts like Bakermat and Mike Mago regularly played the track, which quickly made Thom Bold famous. In no time he has become a favourite with the public because of his house sound and his eclectic vision, he has no trouble turning the dance floor to his liking.

Don't worry, because all the ladies are in good hands with Lievelings Djís van Je Zusje. These men will provide you with an eclectic whirlwind of hits, old bangs and outliers to anything that has anything to do with it. And they don't do that without merit. With an overloaded agenda, they fly from place to place. Everywhere these top artists make a big mess of the dance floor.

Energetic, recognizable and above all party guaranteed! The Hitjeskanon rotates the roof off and ensures for the ultimate party feeling. His endless music collection provides a surprising mix of the best dance classics with the best hits of today. Both at student parties, hockey clubs and business events manages to surprise the Hitjeskanon with its refreshing choice of records.


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